More Next-Gen ‘NBA 2K21’ Clips Show How Gameplay Will Change

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NBA 2K21 will release its next generation version when the Xbox series X/S is released on November 10, which will include Zion Williamson, and PS5 will be released two days later. The first next-generation trailer arrived last week, demonstrating the more graphics processing capabilities that the next-generation console can achieve, and can achieve huge graphics improvements. According to our experience, now is the early stage of NBA 2K21 release, so now is the best time to Buy NBA 2K21 MT to get your superstar.

The reason game players continue to feel frustrated with games is that they pay too much attention to the realism of appearance, rather than the realism of gameplay and tendencies.  The NBA 2K team’s second “side report” introduced some gameplay updates for the next version, the most striking of which is how to improve the connection between players and make it more realistic.

Transitioning to the video game field is very difficult, but the next-generation console seems to provide better, more realistic connections and reactions at all stages. The first is contact on the ball, because the player in charge will be strengthened by the defender, and this contact must be used to reach the basket, because now running at the defender will cause the charge and the team to pick up, and the right angle will be rewarded. On the basket, the players' state has also changed. They must bypass the contact between the defender and the body, which has a more realistic impact on their ability to layup.

It does appear to have improved, players will not bounce back to each other, and defenders can lock in offensive players and hit them in a more natural way, thereby affecting dribbling and shooting choices. There are also updates to off-field contact, especially on the screen, because players will no longer be attracted to the screen, and contact will be determined by the location set by the filter, allowing players to partially or fully enter the screen up and down to contact in a more realistic way.

There are also updated dribble controls, which they say is rebuilt from the ground up to eliminate unexpected moments when your players make wrong turns, and allow you to try places in a more relaxed way, rather than with the dribbling system. How do you want your guy to move. In these videos, the content is of course very beautiful and is a real presentation of the basketball game, but until we have mastered the content, we can not determine how effective all these updates are in improving gameplay. Now, you can buy 2K MT on GameMS, you can use the competitive mode to improve the team's ability.