How do new players choose the first Pokemon in ​Pokemon Sword and Shield?

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In Pokemon Sword and Shield, your first Pokemon is your life, and it will be your partner for a long time. Choose to buy Cheap Shiny Pokemon on the PKMBuy When you first time enter the game. No matter which Pokemon you choose first, you must Take care of them, they will become one of your most reliable destructive Pokémon.

The three starters of Pokemon Sword and Shield are cute little animals, and these little animals eventually become burly and powerful warriors. They all work normally while you are playing, so there is no reason not to choose what you like. However, if you have no preference, there are good reasons to choose a particular Pokémon.

Scorbunny: Fire-type-hot-blooded rabbit. Weird: Grass-type-muscular monkey. Sobble: Water type-radical amphibians. Hard to choose! All these Pokemon will eventually evolve into incredible level 3 creatures, and it is difficult for me to choose the best. All three evolved in Lv. 16 and Lv. 35 —There is no difference there. Each type is a different type, but these types are also useful in the early stages of the game usually.

All Pokemon will have fitness disadvantages. The first three stadiums are Turrfield (grass stadium), Hulbury (water stadium), and Motostoke (fire stadium). This means that your Fire Scorbunny has an advantage in the first stadium.

If you are looking for a big-picture option, the grass-type Pokemon has the biggest disadvantages-fire, ice, poison, flying and bug types are super effective against the grass-type. Buy Shiny Pokemon can help you save much time in the game. The water type has only two weaknesses-electricity and grass. The fire type is the most balanced, with three weaknesses and four advantages-weaker against water, ground, and rocks, but super effective against grass, ice, insects, and steel.