Amazon admits the fact that MMO New World bricked the expensive RTX 3090 card

Amazon admits the fact that MMO New World bricked the expensive RTX 3090 card


A few days ago, the beta version of Amazon's long-delayed MMO New World has been released. Judging from the early game reports, it is generally positive. More and more players are posting that New World has also successfully bricked their expensive RTX 3090s graphics card, and Amazon has admitted this problem on its official support forum.

News of New World's potential hardware destruction capabilities first appeared on MMO's dedicated sub-reddit. A user named greyone78 said that after setting his graphics quality to medium and clicking save, his 3090 in the main menu became a brick. Multiple replies confirmed this problem, and many users said that they also encountered this problem.

This is not an isolated problem. Further reports about the RTX 3090 malfunctioning after playing New World began to spread to Twitter and other places. At the same time, it is speculated that the problem may be the result of power spikes and overheating caused by the uncapped frame rate in the game menu. Please check NewWorldCoins for more information.

The post from the customer service representative of the New World Game Support Forum now admits that MMO will cause the GPU usage on the EVGA RTX 3090 graphics card to reach 100%, blaming the blame on the "driver settings and frame rate limiter." The representative said in their Two solutions are provided in the post. It is recommended that RTX 3090 users disable the overlay in their card driver settings and limit their FPS to 60 in the visual settings before restarting the New World game client.

In response to the post, some users stated that overheating and crashing issues still exist, even if the default settings are enabled and the frame rate is capped at 60fps. Therefore, if owners of high-end graphics cards are considering getting the Beta version of New World on track, they may still have to maintain a certain degree of caution and wait for further updates from Amazon. For more information, welcome to visit