How to unlock the sandstone drake mount in World of Warcraft

How to unlock the sandstone drake mount in World of Warcraft


In World of Warcraft, many players not only experience the current game content, they also arrange time to run the TBC Classic Gold old content to find rare cosmetics and mounts. Players can browse and view the items and mounts they have acquired over the years by using the Favorites tab. Players who have played World of Warcraft know that there are mounts in the game that have ridiculously low drop rates. However, the rarity of certain mounts is related to the rarity of items that need to be found in the world, such as raw eggs or Canopic jars.

It is worth mentioning that players can unlock a large number of worthy mounts through various achievements. For example, players can pursue the volcanic rock young dragon by completing the keystone master of the Shadowlands to complete the glory of the cataclysm hero or the soul-twisted deathwalker.

Players need to complete a few steps before they have a chance to get a sandstone young dragon. Interestingly, this mount has the unique feature of turning the user into a dragon. The spell actually turns the player into a mount. This has the added benefit of allowing other party members to ride on their backs. The only other mount with this ability is the Nightwing Heart mount obtained using the Recruit-A-Friend system, but this no longer exists, which makes the Sandstone Drake even more valuable.

Players can unlock and protect this mount in two different ways. The first method depends on the recipe for obtaining the Bottle of Sands, which requires players to use their archeology profession to find or grind out Canopic cans at a skill level of 600. Players can find Canopic jars or grind them in Uldum excavation sites. For example, Pandaren archaeological fragments can be converted into restored artifacts, and they have a chance to become Canopic jars.

In addition, if you are a Horde player, you need to Buy TBC Classic Gold go to Ashran's War Spear to exchange these crates. If you are an Alliance player, you need to go to Storm Shield to exchange these crates. The problem here is simple. The RNG that produces Canopic tanks from artifacts or excavation sites and the RNG that finds Vial of the Sands in these rare tanks are complicated. However, if one of these jars can be fixed, then it has a chance to drop the corresponding formula.

The second method of obtaining this mount is relatively simple, but it is not as interesting as the first method. Simply put, the player spends about 40 to 60,000 gold coins to purchase the Vial of the Sands recipe from the auction house. Then the player can transform into a sandstone drake and soar around Azeroth. This method means that players need to get as much TBC Classic Gold as possible in the next period of time, and more Gold can give them a greater advantage. The emergence of MMOWTS easily helps players solve the problem of lack of WOW TBC Classic Gold.