How to tune Karazhan in WoW: The Burning Crusade Classic

How to tune Karazhan in WoW: The Burning Crusade Classic


The first raid that WoW: Classic players will encounter in The Burning Crusade is Karazhan. It takes a long adjustment process for players to experience classic raids in Karazhan. However, compared to modern WoW raids, players can simply pass through the gate and start completing the task.

Karazhan is the most iconic, memorable and well-designed raid in TBC, so it is a big challenge for players to experience it. If you want to enter the first raid of WoW: The Burning Crusade Classic, then you must overcome the obstacles in the WOW TBC Classic Gold Karazhan tuning process.

The tuning process begins with going to the Deadwind Path and talking with Archmage Alturus. You need to accept and complete his "restless activities" and "arcanic interference" tasks. After completing the first two quests, accept Alturus' next quest "Contact from Dalaran". After that, you need to go to Dalaran Crater in Alterac Mountains and talk to Archmage Cedric to complete the mission. Archmage Cedric will send you to Shattrath City to talk to Khadgar. Then he will give you a long quest chain to get a few key pieces to enter Karazhan.

Among them, the first key segment requires you to go to the Shadow Labyrinth and completely clear the dungeon. After clearing the Shadow Labyrinth, open the arcane container on the left side of the boss room and defeat the enemy Master Vorpil that spawned from the container. Master Vopier will drop the first key fragment needed to enter Karazhan. You need to return it to Khadgar to advance the next mission in the chain "Second and Third Fragments".

You need to go to Steamvaults and go to the first Boss Hydromancer Thespia to find the second key segment. Before entering the room containing the boss, you should jump into the large body of water on the left side of the main bridge of the instance. Another arcane container will be located in a corner of the pool. Turn it on, defeat the spawned Guardian, and loot the second key fragment before leaving or completing Steamvaults.

Once you have the first two key fragments, you can find the third in Arcatraz. To enter the instance, you need a flying mount to reach it, as well as the key to enter the instance. When you have the two items needed to enter Arcatraz, you can walk through the dungeon. Find a room full of Voidwalkers near the end of the instance. In the back corner of that room, you will find the last arcane vessel. Open it to reveal and defeat another guardian. After collecting the last key fragments, return to Shattrath City. Talk to Khadgar to move on to the next mission.

Khadgar will send you to the Black Morass for the last stop of the Classic TBC Gold tuning chain. You need to complete the "Opening of the Dark Portal" quest and the Black Swamp Dungeon in the dungeon, and then accept Medivh's next quest chain. After completing the Black Marsh, Medivh will send you back to Khadgar in Shattrath City. Talk to the archmage upon arrival, and obtain the master's key for yourself after completing the task. When you have this key, you have completed the Karazhan tuning process. In addition, MMOWTS will help you become stronger in The Burning Crusade Classic, because you can buy cheap Classic TBC Gold there to quickly strengthen yourself.