The benefit with multiplicative bonuses is that they're easy

The benefit with multiplicative bonuses is that they're easy


This entire setup will cost you approximately 2-2.5M, and is RS gold an fantastic general installation for slaying. Remember to also use some of that money to buy super collections (Super Strength/Attack/Defence potions) that you should use on ALL your slayer tasks. It might look like you are spending a lot in the beginning but it speeds your tasks up noticeably and is well worthwhile, and you will be profiting from your slayer drops / clue scrolls anyway.

Just like they said above, fighter chest is the thing to do, and you can use it if you were to receive it. For the legs, I like Verac's skirt for the own prayer bonus (and manliness). Even in the event that you don't pray for your whole task, you might also use up your base prayer points on such as superhuman strength (+10% power for the first part of your task is really nice), and the prayer bonus just makes it go that much farther.

In regards to the super collections, super strength and attack are essential on all actions, however super defenses you might wish to just bring in case you discover you are hit a lot on one particular task. In any situation, super defenses are very cheap compared to the others, and they just concern with them is that they take up inventory space. One more thing that you should pick up is really a DDS to your firearms (if you haven't already). It is inexpensive, and has a fantastic offensive unique that may minutely speed up your task (if anything it makes you feel good getting two good piled hits).

If you intend on slaying a lot, you need to make an effort to work toward completing the Hard Seer's Village journal, as the Improved Excalibur is an excellent healing spec weapon (+200 lp every 5 min is nothing to sneer in ). It's some high requirements, but it's surely well worth it. In case you have some questions regarding slaying, don't hesitate to include me in-game (Dimosthimise) or PM here on Sal's. Have fun slaying.In theory yes, but we do not understand when it piles with prayers, whether it's additive/multiplitive and other bonuses, like salve etc What stacks with what? There's a good deal of factors involved from my post so I am not sure what you're talking about in this circumstance. Although, I do believe they function multiplicative but since RuneScape is much more fundamental when it comes to numbers, it would not surprise me if they just made them additive regardless of what you were considering.

The benefit with multiplicative bonuses is cheap OSRS gold that they're easy to calculate accurately with higher numbers, but RuneScape's combat model was not that advanced before they updated the hit splashes along with the overall life span system, and I am not just sure about how much they revived the core fundamentals.